1. Garlic– raw or lightly cooked. Finely minced, let sit for fifteen minutes before use.
  2. Sleep! Aim for eight hours, and preferably in bed by 11 pm.
  3. Reduce sugars! This mainly pertains to processed white sugars, which interfere with your body’s ability to fight pathogens. Their empty calories further deplete your system by offering no nutritional value. Swap them out with unprocessed, whole foods that are naturally sweet.
  4. Reduce processed foods. The more processing a food endures, the less nutrition it has to offer. Plain and simple. Eat the real deal, folks.
  5. Exercise! Move that body. Movement means circulation. Circulation means digestion, elimination, waste removal, nutrient absorption, and more effective cellular connections. It doesn’t matter how, it matters that you do!
  6. Lemon juice– try a fresh squeeze of lemon in your water first thing every morning. The Vitamin C boosts your immune system and the ascorbic acid supports healthy liver function. What more could you ask for?
  7. Hydrate. If your body is dehydrated, it can’t function as well as it could if it were properly lubricated. Water keeps our organs functioning, joints moving, nutrients absorbing, and cells behaving. All of these things equal a healthier immune system!
  8. Eat the rainbow! And no, I don’t mean skittles. Eating naturally colorful foods ensures that you are getting a variety of vitamins, all of which support our body in all the ways we so desperately want. Make sure there is color at every meal- no more sad, brown plates for us!
  9. Herbs. Yes, you heard me, I said herbs. I didn’t say which ones, now did I? That’s because it doesn’t matter which ones you use. They ALL have powerful health-boosting properties. From antimicrobials to antivirals, antioxidants to antibacterials, herbs offer a plethora of wellness opportunities. Eat them all, eat them often, just eat them.
  10. And finally? Smile. Why? Because smiling reduces stress, and reducing stress increases health on all levels. So find happiness, gratitude, and joy in your life. In the smallest corners and biggest expanses, look for the good in your life. It’s there, and it’s able to support you.

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