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Nutritional Counseling
four 45 minute sessions

What can you expect from individualized counseling? All sessions begin with a complimentary session to determine your health goals and priorities. Whether you want to learn nutrition basics or you find yourself needing to hone in on more specific nutritional needs, we work with you step by step to reach your optimal wellbeing.   We begin with in depth gut testing to identify imbalances in the microbiome.  From there, a personalized approach to supplements and diet helps put you on the right path to restoring your health.  Regular counseling sessions assess progress and cover topics such as vitamins and minerals, macronutrients, menu building, recipe choosing, proper cooking techniques, sleep quality and management, stress management, immune health needs, and exercise.  All aspects of wellbeing are important!   Want to discuss something not mentioned? Let’s talk about it and see how we can work together to achieve your goals!

  • includes takeaway materials
  • email access to counselor


Group Classes and Workshops
*contact me for details

Interested in group sessions? Want to find out how to offer office lunch and learns? All topics are open for you, your friends, coworkers or families. Contact us and let’s get started on how best Growing the Seed can work with you and your group to teach you fun and easy ways to boost your health!

Personal shopping

Confused and overwhelmed when you walk in to the store? With so many options, how could you not be? Let us walk the aisles with you and teach you how to shop for your specific needs. Together we will sift through the misleading labels and distracting temptations and find the products that will best support your health.


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