Time for change…

It seems like we all have a little extra time on our hands these days. For some of us, it’s a little too much for our comfort. Boredom, anxiety, sadness and depression. These are very real things we are experiencing right now. And some of it is directly related to our pandemic, but some of these feelings are latent emotions we have long held at bay. Our usual methods of distraction and “just keep busy” aren’t available to us, or perhaps we have exhausted them already and are at a loss for what else we can divert our focus to. It’s uncomfortable. It’s overwhelming. It’s a lot.

Personally, I believe this respite from our busy lives is long overdue. I think of a train careening down the tracks at top speed. You know it needs to slow down, but it has so much momentum it just can’t. A break neck speed and a feeling of excitement combined with a little bit of fear… this has been us folks for the last however many years. We feel like we can’t stop for fear of losing our momentum, our direction, our place in life. But when we stop to think about it, do we even know where that place or that direction is taking us? Is it really what we want?

If you have been feeling uncomfortable with the quiet you’ve had forced on you lately, know that it is ok. It’s actually more than ok, it’s a good thing. We don’t have our usual security blankets to cling to, and we are having to actually stop and take stock of what’s happening right now in our lives. It’s a chance to reassess what life we have and what life we want. Is there a gap between these two things for you? If so, then this is your chance!

Dealing with these emotions can be very challenging, especially if you are not one to usually do a little self reflection. I am going to offer five ways to give yourself the space and thought you need but in a productive and meaningful way!

Journal. Write your thoughts down on paper. This gives them somewhere other than your head to go. By providing a physical outlet you don’t have to bury them deep inside anymore. And that’s a very good thing since emotional wounds can manifest physically.
Make a list. Provide yourself with three columns: The things you like about yourself. The things you want to bring in to your life. The things that are going well for you today. Your focus here is on positivity. By seeing what works, you can see your strengths. Yet you can still allow some room for improvement, which gives you concrete goals to work on.

Goals and Habits. Once you know your goals from your list above, start a brainstorm! What would do you look like as that person who embodies your ideal values and goals? What does you feel like as that person? What do you as this person do daily, weekly, monthly? Goals are our end results, but it is the habits in between that help us reach those goals.

Nourish your body. Eat a nutrient rich diet, stay hydrated, move your body, and allow room for good sleep. These are your four foundational pillars to good health.

Meditation. Meditation is a powerful way to manage emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. There are many types of meditation our there, so if you have tried it before and didn’t feel the connection, try again. There is a form of meditation out there for all of us! Unsure of where to begin? Here is one I can recommend: Guided Meditation to Release Suppressed Emotions.

These are all important and significant ways we can better ourselves, body and mind. They are affordable, accessible, and tangible. It is important to remember that it’s the little steps every day that lead to the goal we want in the end.

And for those moments where you need a little more guidance, reach out here for a free thirty minute consultation to see how I can help you!

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